Morgan Franklin

Morgan Franklin Realtor Lexington Kentucky

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2357 Huguenard Dr Lexington, KY 40503

Hi, I’m Morgan Franklin and I am a Realtor in Lexington Kentucky. I have lived here for over 25 years and have an intimate knowledge of the city. I was drawn to real estate because I love to study markets and find ways to help my clients win. Whether it is helping a buyer purchase their home under market or a seller get more than the going market price. Studying the market is something I obsess over. (Yes I really enjoy it!) In addition to being knowledgeable about the market I am also a mortgage expert and previously held a mortgage license in Kentucky. This is really important because understanding how financing works is key to a smooth and successful transaction. I am also a published photographer and when I’m not photographing listings you will find me shooting Kentucky landscapes and my son Hudson. Lastly, I have operated several e-commerce business and understand how to market online. This wide array of experiences make me a great realtor.

Why work with me?

– Customer Service: When you call I am the one who picks up the phone and pride myself on follow up

– Market Knowledge: I have lived in Lexington for over 25 years and answer your questions about neighborhoods.

– Marketing: I have a deep knowledge of how to market online

– Media: I am a published photographer and all of my listings are accompanied by professional photo and video

– Data: I provide detailed reports to help make my clients make informed decisions